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Vertglas Update

Sorry, we do not have Vertglas products in stock. Vertglas has not been shipping product since last spring and we don't know when or if the Vertglas products will be available again.

Instead of Vertglas, we recommend that you try our MS GelCoat Restoration Kits.

The MS GelGoat Restoration System is a direct replacement for Vertglas. The procedure for using both products is exactly the same. You can follow the Vertglas instruction manual using the MS GelCoat Restoration System and the results will be the same.

The first surfaces coated with the MS 51 Sealer have been out in the weather for 18 months and they still have a high-gloss shine. We have been selling the MS 51 Sealer as the replacement for Vertglas #3 since May 2012 for both new applications and recoating over existing Vertglas. Customers have reported that the only difference they noticed is that it took fewer coats of MS 51 to produce the high-gloss shine

Read more about MS GelCoat Restoration Kits....

Vertglas Gelcoat Restoration System

•   Restore the like-new shine to your boat...
•   Easy rubbing or buffing!

If your boat is faded, oxidized, chalky, or if you're just plain tired of buffing and waxing your boat every month just to see it fade again, then you should check out the Vertglas Gelcoat Restoration System. It is an excellent fiberglass gelcoat restorer / oxidation remover, bringing back the shine to your boat.


Vertglas Kit
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The Vertglas system contains a unique  co-polymer which brings out the shine in your boat while  stopping oxidation completely. Vertglas provides a  complete system so you have everything you need to  restore, protect and shine your gelcoat!!!

Before & After Before Vertglas...

To apply the Vertglas gelcoat restorer, you don't  rub or buff your boat at all. Simply wipe on the  sealer to restore the shine and protect your gelcoat for  the whole season! It really works!

See how this boat  looks after using Vertglas.

Common Questions about the Vertglas Fiberglass Gelcoat Restorer

•  What is the  Vertglas system?
•  How does it work?
•  How do I use it?
•  Will it  restore my badly-weathered
boat / RV /  fiberglass cap, etc?
•  Why is my boat faded  and chalky?
•  What is  oxidation?
•  How do I get rid  of oxidation?
•  How do I  maintain Vertglas?
•  Is Vertglas better  than waxes?
•  How does it  compare to other sealers?
•  How many coats are  required?
•  How long does it  last?

Still not sure? Then check out what some of our customers say about Vertglas.





Vertglas Gelcoat Restoration System
•  Enough for boats up to 25 feet.
•  Includes everything you need to 
restore shine to your boat


Qty :

Vertglas #1 Oxidation Remover
•  Easy to use, removes oxidation quickly

16 oz. $28.95  

Qty :

Vertglas #2 Boat Wash

32 oz. $16.95  

Qty :

Vertglas #3 Sealer
•  Select either 16 oz or 32 oz size
•  Don't forget to pick up some 
sealer applicators (see below)

16 oz. $31.95 

Qty :

32 oz. $58.90 

Qty :

Vertglas #4 Sealer Remover
•  Includes squeeze-spray top

32 oz. $18.95 

Qty :

Vertglas Sealer Applicator
•  Choose between 2, 4 and 10-inch sizes

2-inch $3.95 

Qty :

4-inch $5.95 

Qty :

10-inch $10.95 

Qty :


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